27 Aug 2020

Building a brand – our 8 step guide

Building a brand – our 8 step guide

Branding and logo design continues to play a big part in the work we carry out at Digital West. There are many reasons companies choose to chnage their branding. Maybe their positioning has changed, and they are now offering different services to when they first started trading.

In the last ten years, the way companies use their logo has changed dramatically. With the increased use of digital media, it is important that businesses have a brand that stands out online. An outdated logo may not represent your company ethos and leave you behind the competitors in your market.

With our experience in working on branding projects, we have developed an eight-step guide to delivering a new brand:

1. Introduction meeting

When we first start working with a business on a branding exercise we like to meet the client in person. We feel this is an important stage where we learn more about your business and the project plan, whilst it is also a great opportunity for both parties to ask questions. We have a series of questions we start each project with which can be completed online or at the initial meeting.

2. Researching your business

Once we have met, we will begin to carry out thorough research on your business, the industry you are involved in and who your competitors are. Establishing the target audience is key when working on any branding project.

3. Consultation

If required, we are able to consult a wide range of groups including directors, staff, clients and others involved in the industry. Learning more about what your customers look for in a brand is important as they decide how your business is perceived. There are a number of ways we do this including focus groups, one-to-one interviews and online questionnaires.

4. Design

Once we have greater knowledge in what is needed for the project, our design team will take over. We will sketch through some ideas, looking at what would work well and what we can develop further.

5. Three concepts

We generally supply three concepts to the client, but if our design team feel there are other versions that would suit the project we may supply extra versions.

6. Presenting the concepts

Once the designs are complete we would arrange a time to come in and present the designs to you. We will include examples of how the branding will work on a range of formats, including print and digital.

7. Revisions based on feedback

Following the initial presentation, there may need to be changes and edits to the artwork presented. This is often a small colour change or the use of a different typeface. We would return the amended versions via email for sign off.

8. Deliver the brand

Once the selected artwork is signed off we would send over multiple file versions for use. Depending on the client, we often provide brand guidelines which allow you to educate your staff and partners on how your new branding is to be used.